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What is a Bad Credit Car Loan ? Canada Auto Loan specializes in providing car loans for individuals with poor credit, no credit, and bankruptcy. Bad credit car loans are available from finance companies, credit unions, and major banks such as the Royal Bank of Canada, Toronto-Dominion, HSBC, Scotia Bank and several others. Canada Auto Loan leverages its financial expertise to guarantee you a car loan regardless of your situation.
Can I get a Auto Loan with a Credit Score below 700? Absolutely. We will get you approved. Your car is your collateral, so it’s much easier for us to get you a car loan than say a personal loan.
Will my application be instantly Pre-Approved as advertised on your website? If you meet the minimum requirements, you will be automatically pre-approved.
1)Monthly income at least $1,500/Mth. 2)18 Years of age. 3) Valid drivers license.
Will my interest rates be sky high or reasonably low as advertised on your website ? Bad Credit Loans have the misconception for having higher interest rates. Canada Auto Loan has a large network of lenders and dealerships who will bend over backwards to secure you a low interest car loan.
Is the FREE Tablet for real or a sneaky sales ploy ? The Android tablet is included 100% FREE after you complete the application. It’s part of the Nu-Life Credit Improvement program. We will give you the tools to rebuild your credit history.


Bad Credit Car Loan? If you are 18 Yrs Old & Earn $1,500/Month – You’re Instantly Pre-Approved! Complete Our Quick 3 Minute Application & Get A FREE Android Tablet! No Obligation! No Fees Ever! No Credit Check!

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Who can get approved for a car loan. Bad Credit Car loan. Bad Credit Auto Loan. We get you 100% approved guaranteed. www.approvedcarloans.caline1100% Pre-Approved for bad credit car loan or bad credit auto loan. Complete 3 min app for instant approval nowline1The Time to Start Over is NOW!
We've helped thousands of Canadian residents connect to the right auto dealers in their local area and find the second chance they need. When you apply for financing assistance through Canada Auto Loan's network of lenders and dealers, you can be approved fast for special financing even if your credit is less than perfect. You'll find yourself in a quality, dependable vehicle sooner than you may think!At Canada Auto Loans, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to help you get approved for automobile financing even during difficult situations like bankruptcy or repossession. Receiving a special financing auto loan after you are discharged from your bankruptcy is one of the most recommended ways to get back on top again, and our secure application can get you started right now!Whether your finances took a hit from job loss, medical bills, bankruptcy or repossession, a vehicle loan can help you begin to repair your credit back to its former glory. At Canada Auto Loan, we can help you achieve what you thought was impossible. A special financing auto loan is a sure way to regain your footing in the credit world. It only takes three minutes to get started on the path to success now!
Bad Credit? No Credit ? No Problem. Canada Auto Loan preapproves everyone. Get a Bad Credit Car Loan Today.


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ABOUT US – We specialize in Bad Credit Car Loan, No Credit Loan, Poor Credit Loan, bankruptcy and all other financial situations. As Canada’s largest specialty car loan company, we offer an exclusive and in house service from the beginning of the auto loan application, to vehicle selection and delivery. We stand behind every vehicle we finance and can guarantee your satisfaction. 1000’s of Canadian drivers have trusted Canada Auto Loan over the years and we welcome you to the experience. If you are seeking auto loan financing in Canada and have bad credit, we can help. With hundreds of Canadian car loan experts inside leading auto dealerships throughout the provinces and territories, we’re right where you need us when you need an easy car loan. At Canada Auto Loan, our number one priority is to provide you with safe reliable transportation and most importantly assist you in establishing and/or re-establishing your credit. Whether good credit, bad credit, poor credit, consumer proposal, military loans or bankruptcy, apply online today to learn about your financing options and get approved for car loans within 24 hours. We all know that situations happen in life that we have no control over and that everyone deserves a second chance without being embarrassed. Our staff are caring and not the least bit judgmental. Our goal at Auto Loan Solutions is to establish a long-term relationship with you and not just a one-time sale. We’re proud to have helped clients start over, and in a matter of just four years, many have even been able to purchase a home once again. The friendships we have developed over the years gives us such satisfaction knowing that all the effort we put into assisting clients is worthwhile as we see them improve their station in life. As you can see from the testimonials from our previous clients we are more than just an auto finance source; we’re part of the family. So what are you waiting for? Fill out our 3 Minute application and let us take care of the rest! If you’re making at least $1,500 A Month, your Loan Applications is Pre-Approved We guarantee results.

Where do we provide loans in Canada ? We have lenders in every major city, and even smaller ones across Canada. Our 15 years in the industry has broaden our range of lenders and relationships. Here is a brief list of cities where we have approved bad credit car loans in the past 3 months.

Alberta KeswickElmhurst Beach NWT Rimouski Stouffville WhitchurchStouffville
Barrie Kingston Ontario RouynNoranda Stratford Windsor
BC Kitchener Orangeville SaintGeorges Sudbury Winnipeg
Brampton Labrador Orillia SaintHyacinthe Surrey Woodstock
Brantford Manitoba Oshawa SaintJeansurRichelieu Thunder Bay Yukon
British Columbia Markham Ottawa SaintJérôme Timmins
Burlington Milton Ottawa Gatineau SalaberrydeValleyfield Toronto
Cape BretonSydney Mississauga Owen sound Saskatchewan TroisRivières
Châteauguay Montreal Parksville Scarborough Vancouver
ChicoutimiJonquière New Brunswick Penticton Shawinigan Vaughan
Elliott Lake Newfoundland Prince Albert SorelTracy Vernon
Guelph Niagara falls Prince Edward Island Spruce Grove Victoria
Halifax North West Territories Quebec St. Catharines Niagara Victoriaville
Hamilton Nova Scotia Quebec City St. Johns Walnut Grove
Kelowna Nunavut Red Deer St. Thomas Whitby

Bad Credit Car Loan? If you are 18 Yrs Old & Earn $1,500/Month – You’re Instantly Pre-Approved! Complete Our Quick 3 Minute Application & Get A FREE Android Tablet! No Obligation! No Fees Ever! No Credit Check!